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Things change so quickly today that many small businesses struggle to get ahead. Why? Because they don't have time to research ideas that will help them cut through the nonsense. Businesses need to stay focused on the business without missing out on opportunities that are inexpensive to implement.

How to Market & Promote Your Business
Lead generation is identifying potential customers that are interested in your
product or service. Instead of using outbound telemarketing or expensive advertisements, the goal of lead generation is for customers to contact you
to inquire about buying your products.
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Serving Customers More Efficiently
This section will expose you to tools so that you can handle more customers without adding more staff.  Your customers will be more informed and more in control so you won't need to spend as much time with simple communications. Learn More »

Doing More With Less 
We wanted to provide somewhere to go to get meaningful help, either suggested websites, shortcuts that you may not have known for your computer or ways to accomplish your goals without spending any money. Learn More »

Does it seem like you're
always behind?

Business Development Tools allows you to focus on your business without feeling like you're missing an opportunity to grow your business. We keep tabs on the latest ways to:

  • market your business
  • attract and find new customers

Since It's a full-time job keeping up with the latest technology, we do that for you.

You're busy hiring employees and dealing with issues related to customers, banking and payrolls.  You don't have time to do the research and why should you pay someone a full-time salary for something we can provide for a fraction of the cost?

Important Resources
and New Tools



Who We Work For

Our clients are both online and storefront companies that are young and growing but want to grow faster. We provide suggestions to help business owners or sales/marketing managers increase their company's reach. They're easy to follow, but they work.

We're that trusted advisor that every month, you'll say, "gosh that was so easy, I didn't know that was available," and most of the time for little or no cost.


How we can help?

Go to one of our pages below to check out some easy-to-employ strategies that you may not have been familiar with:

How to Market & Promote Your Business
Serving Customers More Efficiently
Doing More With Less

As technology continues to advance, many small businesses need assistance to keep up in order to promote their businesses.
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