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Serving Customers more Efficiently
Broadcast Email Marketing

Broadcast email marketing is about managing your customers and prospects with targeted email messages.

You can create, manage and send your own personalized email marketing messages to your customers. It also allows you to send prospects information and newsletters to increase business. [More]

Customer Service forms

Tools that allow you to create customized Customer Service Forms. 

These forms may allow the customer to:

  • View Instructions
  • View Orders: along with the ability to download orders.
  • To answer questions using drop down boxes.
  • To Obtain information by entering an Order Number
  • To Obtain an Email Address: which can be used for verification as well as communication.
  • They may also have "free form" boxes where the customer can type information or questions.
  • Boxes can also be added to help prioritize the request. [More]
Company Announcements & Newsletters

With the fast pace of today's business environment, your business changes very quickly.  In order to keep your customers informed of the latest changes, there are some tools available to allow you to send Announcements to all or a subset of your customer base.  It will save time and money and make it very convenient to keep your customers informed. [More]

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