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This section is the place to go for suggestions about websites and tricks to make you more efficient using your computer.  It includes handy tips, tricks, short cuts and other useful pieces of information. 

Jack Bicer's latest Productivity Tools. [More]

Is your data backed up? Free or Very Low Cost Remote Back Up.

I still remember the day I turned my computer on and got the dreaded blank screen.  When I took it in, they told me the hard drive had died. 

That's OK, just take your most recent back up and you can load it onto a new hard drive. [More]

Google and Yahoo Alerts

Google Alerts will notify you by email when a term shows up on the web.  It can be a company name, or a product, a competitor or just about anything.  It's quick to sign up. [More]

Google Product Listings

Need to sell your products? Why not get your product in Google's free product search area.

Raising Money? Know Your Investor

This article by a well regarded Angel investor provides great insight.

Click Here to go to the article

Looking to hire someone - try Craig's list -

Craig's List is usually free or in some markets there is a nominal charge to place an employment ad.


Need a new Logo or want to update your existing one?

If you want quickly and easily create a new logo or update your exsiting one, here is a site to help you do that as well as get new letterhead, business cards and more.

Historically, logos have been more a luxury than a necessity. Businesses attracted customers because they were the only game in town, so to speak. [More]

Customer Service forms

Tools that allow you to create customized Customer Service Forms.  These forms may allow the customer to:

View Instructions

View Orders: along with the ability to download orders.

To answer questions using drop down boxes. [More]

Forget Microsoft Office™ - Download OpenOffice

If you want to save hundreds or thousands depending upon the size of your company, consider OpenOffice for spreadsheets, documents, presentations and more.

Don't let your growing business fail!

The Twelve Causes of Failure is an informative article about common pitfalls of young growing companies.

Click here to read the article

Click here for more information

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